find 'em
Capture virtual flags. Redeem them for real benefits.

Express Your Interest

flagtag's private beta is set to launch Monday, November 16 through both Carnegie Mellon and The University of Pittsburgh campuses. Sign up your business for flagtag here.

Why flagtag Fits You

flagtag brings new customers to your store in an innovative way. flagtag users are active participants because they engage in the scavenger hunt aspect of finding and capturing flags. On top of the discounts you offer, users earn points for redeeming flags at your location. This means that users who would not otherwise have changed their routine to try out a new spot become increasingly likely to walk through your door. Once they come in, we know you’ll do a great job to make them returners.

How it works

1. Set Your Flag

2. Link it to a Deal

3. Users Capture It

4. Users Bring it to You

5. You give a code

6. You Have a New Customer

Vocalize Your Needs

What kind of deals would you give to flagtag?

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